How to transfer Bitcoin to your Binance account

How to send Bitcoin

If you haven’t created a Binance account please follow this article and create one.
Also, if you don’t have any bitcoin, please follow this article and buy bitcoin.

We are going to use Coinbase as the example of the exchange that you can transfer bitcoins to Binance.
Sending and receiving coins are always done in the same way so even though I’m using Coinbase in this article, you can use the same method on the other exchange.

Find the deposit address for Bitcoin

First you need to find the address of your bitcoin so you or anyone can send you bitcoins.

After you login to your Binace account, go to Funds -> Deposits Withdraws on the top nav.
Or simply go to this url

How to transfer bitcoin to binance

It should take you to the page with the list of coins.

How to transfer bitcoin to Binance

Find Bitcoin in the list. It should show BTC at the very left column.

How to transfer bitcoins to Binance

After finding the raw for Bitcoin, look at the very last two columns.
You should find “Deposit” button.

How to send bitcoins to binance

When you click the button, it should open up the panel and show the deposit address.

How to send Bitcoin to Binance

Now you found the deposit address.

Send Bitcoins to the deposit address

Go to Coinbase and click the “Account” link in the main nav.

How to send Bitcoin to Binance

It should take you to the Account page. Click the “Send” button on BTC Wallet

How to send bitcoins to Binance

It should popup a form.

How to send Bitcoin to Binance

  • Paste the deposit address you retrieved from Binance to the input box with the place holder saying “Enter a BTC address”.
  • Put the amount of USD or BTC you want to send.
  • Note is optional.

Press “Continue” once you are ready.
It will ask you to confirm so press “Confirm”.

That’s it!!
Usually, it will arrive to Binance in no later than 30 minutes but sometimes it takes time.

Once the transaction is done, you should see the value you sent in the Binance’s Deposit Withdraw page.

How to send Bitcoin to Binance

Congratulations! Now you are ready to start buying other coins!

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